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DRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE MOTOR DRIVING TRAINING SCHOOL Is Most Trustful, Reliable And Government Approved Driving Training Institute, We Are Committed To Increase Student’s Driving Skills, Confidence, Knowledge And Teach Them To Avoid Potential Accidents Confidently.

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DRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE MOTOR DRIVING TRAINING SCHOOL Was Incorporated In The Driving Training Industry On The 11th Of January 2012 With The Registry At LICENSING AUTHORITY (Regional Transport Office) At SURAT, GUJARAT. We Provide Both Theoretical And Practical Training To The Students Of Age Group 18 Years And Above. The Training Includes Classroom Teaching, As Well As On-Road Training. We Lay Strong Emphasis On Safety While Driving. We Have A Team Of Well Trained And Experienced Instructors..

We Offer A Range Of Services To Suit Your Needs, Including: -Learner Driver Training -Refresher Courses -Advanced Driving Courses -Motorway Lessons -Pass Plus Courses. We Also Offer A Pick Up And Drop Off Service. We Are Committed To Increase Student’s Driving Skills, Confidence, Knowledge And Teach Them To Avoid Potential Accidents Confidently.

We Approach The 4 Wheeler Driving Program With A Standard And A Professional Training Formula, This Formula Of Training To Our Valuable Students Are Being Set With Traffic System Of The Town And Also All Around The World.’

We Use Driving Psychology In Our Training Which Is The Most Important Source That Helps New Learners To Gain The Confidence They Need To Be Successful Drivers.

The First Step In Gaining Confidence Is To Understand The Psychological Factors That Affect Driving. Fear, Anxiety, And Stress Can All Lead To Mistakes On Your Car Seat. At Drive With Confidence Driving School Our Expert Instructors Helps Students To Identify Their Own Personal Triggers And Learn How To Cope With Them.

Once Students Understand The Psychological Factors That Can Affect Their Driving, They Can Begin To Work On Building Their Confidence. This Can Be Done Through A Variety Of Exercises And Activities Designed To Help Students Feel More Comfortable On Their Car Seat..

We Can Help You To Not Only Learn The Physical Skills Of Driving, But Also Learn The Mental Skills.At Drive With Confidence Driving School You Will Learn How To Control Your Emotions On Live Roads, How To Stay Calm And Focused On Your Car Seat , And How To React Quickly And Positively To Changing Road Conditions.

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We All Know That Driving Is A Physical Task That Requires Coordination And Focus. But What Many New Drivers Don’t Realize Is That Driving Is Also A Mental Struggle.

It’s A Constant Battle To Keep Your Emotions In Check, Maintain A Positive Body Language And Behavior, And React Positively To The Ever-Changing Road Conditions, That’s Why We Are On Mission To Build & Install Responsible Driving Mindset & Authentic Driving Psychology Into Each Student Driver’s Brain. These Are The Most Important Sources To Become A Confident & Fearless Driver, Specially For Beginners & Weak Students,

In Our Society Safety Is Our 1st Priority And For That We Are Here To Make Maximum Traffic Rules & Law’s Followers To Drive Defensively In Every Cities & Towns, And To See Them Compatible With Our Traffic System, And With These To See Indian Traffic System… “A Perfect Driving System”

Our Mission Is Not To Only Make Driving Simple For Drivers But To Help Them Become Safe And Confident Drivers By Our Exclusive Quality Provider Driving Education System. To Finish The Effect Of Live Road Anxiety & Traffic Stress During The Driving, CALL US NOW…!

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We Have A Team Of Highly Qualified And Professional Instructors Who Have Been Imparting Quality Driving Lessons For Many Years. They Use The Latest Teaching Methods And Technologies To Make The Learning Process Easier And Faster For The Students. The Students Are Given One-To-One Attention And The Classes Are Conducted In A Friendly And Relaxed Atmosphere.

We Understand That Learner Drivers Don’t Like Boring Driving Lessons Or Being Taught By A Driving Instructor They Don’t Relate To. That‘s Why Our Team Of Young, Friendly And Skilled Driving Instructors Have A Positive Attitude And Fun Approach To Teach Them Driving Lessons And They Are Here To Give You What You Really Want With A High Quality And Great Educational Experience!

All Our Driving Instructors Are Friendly, Calm, Understanding, Reliable And Most Importantly They Are Extremely Passionate To Helping Our Students To Make Them The Confident Driver.

We Provide The Most Precious And Total Quality Driving Training With Well-Experienced And Expert Driving Instructors.

Many Driving School’s Instructors Control Almost 87% Of The Car By The Additional Clutch-Brakes Given Under Their Control, But Our Driving School’s Instructor Does Not Have Any Additional Clutch-Brakes Since Driving Is Taught In Your Own Vehicle..

Our Staff Consists Of Expert Car Instructors. Their Experience In The Automobile Field Has Been An Asset For Our Driving Training School And Also To All Our Valuable Students. They Are Well Aware Of The Traffic Of The Surat City And Have Been Trained To Impart The Best Quality Providing Training To All Our Precious Students.

We Are Renowned For Our Superior Customer Service And Our Team Of Highly Skilled, Energetic, Fun And Friendly Driving Instructors. We Set A New Standard And Approach To The Driving Training Sector.

We Will Provide You With All The Support And Guidance You Need To Successfully Pass Your Driving Test. We Pride Ourselves On Our High Pass Rate And Our Commitment To Customer Satisfaction. So If You Are Looking For A Driving School That You Can Trust, Then Look No Further Than DRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE MOTOR DRIVING TRAINING SCHOOL.